Thursday, December 23, 2010

vacation Homework

Use the internet to research Amendments to the US Constituion # 11 - 27 (all ecxept the Bill of Rights) (Wikipedia is a great place to start).
For each Ameandment:
1. Describe what it does (1 paragraph)
2. Describe the story of HOW it came into excistence (what was happneing in America as it was passed? Who was in favor of it? Who was against it?) .... 1 paragrapgh.

@ paragraphs per amendment * 17 amendments = 34 paragraphs.

Enjoy your vacation!!!
(send me email if you have any questions at all).

Friday, November 5, 2010

Project #1 Task

This is what's on the handout for Monday's class. I thought I'd post it here for you.
If you missed class, I have your case assignment with me. email me ( if you absolutely cannot wait until Monday (idk who you would be, but email me if you can't wait).
Oh, and ...
check the links to the right for sites to help you as you research.
See you Monday

Overview: Your research project will center around a 2-page report which will explain the outcome and significance of a Supreme Court Case. You will research the US Court Case listed below, and write a two-page paper that follows the steps listed in the task (below) This assignment is due on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. At least one other person in this class has the same case (just to help you out with the research!)

Task: your two-page paper address four tasks:
1) A summary of the story (or facts) behind the case
2) An explanation of the Constitutional Issue at the center of the case
3) A summary of the Court’s decision (including a summary of the majority opinion)
4) The Significance your case on US Law.

YOUR CASE: «Supreme_Court_Case»

The Constitutional Section of Amendment in Question: «Constitutional_Section_or_Amendment1»,
The Constitutional Issue: «Constitutional_Section_or_Amendment»

Paper Outline: Your paper MUST follow this format:
• Have a cover page
• Be at least two pages in length
• Be written in TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT, SIZE 12 ONLY(if it’s not, the “F” you get will be automatic
• Be double spaced (your welcome)
• Contain 1-inch margins from the top, bottom left and right

Guidelines As you write your paper, try to answer these broad questions
1. What is the story behind the case? How would you describe the facts? (when did it happen?)
2. Who were the people involved with this story?
3. Is there a back story to this story (did it happen during a war? Or the civil rights’ movement? What were the times like in America?)
4. How did it get to court? And then how did it get to the Supreme Court?
5. What part of the constitution was being argued? What right was being called into question (did someone feel their freedom of speech was violated?)?
6. Which justice write the ‘majority opinion’? Which write the minority opinion?
7. How would you summarize the majority opinion? What was the vote (5-4? 9-0?)
8. What significance did this case have on the United States (did it end slavery? Did it end all free speech? Did it legalize or not legalize something like abortion?)
9. Have you written a nice introduction and a conclusion?

Homework #3(ish)

This is about Political Satire.
Find a web video (or audio or even print) that uses satire to make a political point and post it to your blog (embed the video; or embed the audio stream if you can, or just link to the article).

Try these in a google search to help you find something:
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report
Chappelle Show
'Wait wait don't tell me' (on NPR)
The Simpsons (try looking on youtube)
Family Guy (try looking anywhere)

Can you think of something else?

remember, your video/link MUST be politically satirical!

this is due on Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here's an old video about the electoral college

And here's another video about the electoral college.

The second one has much more actual information

Watch them, and answer the questions below
1. What is it?
2. How does it work?
3. Is there anything that seems unfair about it?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HW#1 (MP 2)

This is a classic. A must watch for all students.
Watch the video and complete this task:

1. Write 2 paragraphs that describes how a bill becomes a law (listen to the talking in between the singing).

***There are alternative assignments for people who like to a) sing or b) rap or b) draw. See me tomorrow. There's extra credit involved (lots of extra credit) ***

Monday, September 6, 2010


1. Create a blog at
2. Send an email to with the following information:
a) your first & last name
b) your period
c) the full URL to your blog

(if you already have a blog with, then you can create a new blog using your same account and send the email).


1. Create an account at
2. Send an email to from your new email address.

(if you already have a gmail account, just send an email to


Sign the class contract. Have parent/guardian sign it as well. Bring notebook and pen with you to next class.